Monday, July 5, 2010

High quality chia seed (whole and milled) now available

Chia Friends

Just to let you know that we now have both whole seed (sold in 1.5 lb bags) and milled seed (sold in 0.7 lb bags) available for sale.

I guarantee the quality is excellent, as I would never sell anything but high quality chia. Neither product is a mixture of seed, and the milled product is produced using a temperature controlled process to ensure freshness and to limit degradation. Nothing has been added during the mechanical process.

The question as to which is better I am sure you will ask. Really it depends on your personal preference as there is no definitive answer and no clinical trials have ever proven one to be superior over the other.

You can go to and click on the store tab, or go directly to the store by clicking on Store.

We hope you enjoy our chia, both in terms of quality and price. We have done our best to keep the price as low as possible.

Patricia and Wayne