Monday, October 4, 2010

Chia - History, Research, Composition, Uses - the story

The University of Arizona recently published a presentation I made as part of the invited Faculty Fellows Speaker Series in the Fall of 2005.

The presentation covers the history, composition, benefits of chia and cites some of my chia research work, etc. In essence it is a summary of the book entitled CHIA: Rediscovering a Forgotten Crop of the Aztecs published by the University of Arizona Press of which I am a co-author.

The presentation consists of a video and the slides I used at that time to tell the chia story.

In the past five years many more papers have been published on chia which document its benefits, properties, uses, etc. As a result of increased press, blogs, etc. people are becoming more and more aware of this amazing food, and how it can help improve the health of the world. For updated chia information go to and click on the My Chia Research link in the left hand column.

I hope you enjoy this presentation and will learn a bit more about this great, healthy food. To view the presentation click here.