Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chia addiction and anti-nutritional aspects of chia

To chia lovers

There have been several posts and requests to discuss chia's addictive properties as well as some questions regarding one individual's claim of anti-nutritional properties of chia.

I know of neither of these issues, nor have I seen any documented studies which have either said they exist, or which have investigated such claims. If I knew there were any such issues I would certainly make them public as my goal is to share any information, either good or bad, that I have about chia.

I have already started to look into this a bit farther and will continue to do so when I get a bit more time. Once I have some answers I will post them.



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  1. Thank you Dr. Coates. I have never heard of chia addiction, but I do look forward to your answering claims that chia contains anti-nutrients.

    You should know ahead of time that the person who made these claims promotes a paleo diet and claims that dairy and legumes are evil as well, so most of the time I take what he says with a grain of salt. But when I read about the topic of my beloved red alert went up!

    I look forward to any comments you have about the anti-nutrient properties of chia. Thank you.