Thursday, March 24, 2011

Omega3 Summit in Belgium - eat more ALA

Chia Friends

On March 3-4 a Global Summit on Nutrition was held in Bruges, Belgium. The main thrust of the meeting was to discuss omega3 fatty acids in human nutrition.

At the end of the summit a series of Consensus Statements was signed by the participants.

One of the statements read "Reduce LA and increase ALA in human and animal diets". This statement was made in reference to increasing the amount of omega3 in human tissues, since increased omega3 is key to improved human health.

So what does this mean for us?

We need to reduce the amount of LA we eat (which is omega6 and is found in corn, soybeans and similar foods) and increase the amount of ALA we eat which is found in chia as well as few other foods, although in lesser quantities.




  1. Thanks for this post. Glad to read a recent contribution from you. I just ordered a 6 pack of Chia (6.6 lbs) from your site: for what I was paying for about 1.5 lbs from another source. I am sure that Chia will continue to gain in popularity over the coming years, thanks to your work and contributions. Keep up the good work! And thanks for efforts to distribute quality Chia.

  2. I remember reading that you said that the ALA will convert to healthy EPA in the body, as long as one is not over consuming omega 6's already.
    Can you elaborate on what these levels need to be so that we are not taking chia in vain?

  3. Thanks for asking. In reality we should consume 1:1 omega3 and omega6 but that is tough to do with our current diets. The closer you get the better.