Sunday, July 14, 2013

Omega3 and Prostate Cancer - Is there an increased risk from their consumption?

A study just published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute warned that omega3 intakes can lead to an increased risk of prostate cancer.

But here is the key to the is ONLY the long chain omega3s (DHA and EPA) that are the concern! These are found in marine products such as salmon, etc. or in the oils produced from them.

The short chain form of omega3 found in chia is ALA and there is no evidence that there is a risk of increased prostate cancer from consuming ALA.

Bottom line is that this study confirms an earlier one published several years ago in Europe that consumption of long chain omega3s (EPA and DHA) can increase the risk of prostate cancer.

So any recommendations that are made to consume these forms of omega3 should also carry a warning of the potential risks as well.


  1. Is there no evidence that ALA increases the risk of prostate cancer because ALA wasn't included in the study? Did the study include ALA or was it just left out, as most supplements only contain EPA and DHA?

  2. Replies
    1. The OP as I am are wondering why there was no evidence. Was it ALA wasn't included in the study? Better question would be - was ALA included in the study???

  3. Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for your write up on this. Little late joining the discussion, but I wanted to mention that this study confused me a little. Populations consuming larger amounts of fish are always experiencing longevity and decreased diseases. No? I'm not sure we should get too cautious about this as most people will probably never experience an increased risk of prostate cancer due to high levels of EPA & DHA. If anything, they will be subjected to this disease due to an extremely wide variety of circumstances, one that too high of EPA & DHA levels will likely never play a role in. Chia - ground chia more specifically, is also as safe as it comes. I would be 100x more worried about the air I breathe when I work in the city, then the chia I eat. Infact, I swear I'll die from the horrible fumes from exhaust I haev no choice but to breathe in daily on my commute ;) All this is just my honest opinion. BTW - amazing work you've done, and keep on at it.



  4. Again there is no evidence in any study done anywhere that ALA leads to an increased risk of prostate cancer only the long chain forms do. If anyone can find one please let me know.