Monday, July 16, 2012

Eating Chia Increases Blood ALA and EPA Content

A study just published in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition reported on the changes in the blood of women consuming chia for 7 weeks.

The milled chia was consumed at 25 grams per day. Unfortunately it contained only 16% ALA vs the normal 20% of the oil content found in good quality chia.

ALA and EPA contents in the blood increased starting at week 2. By the end of the test, blood ALA and EPA contents had increased significantly (138 and 30 percent, respectively).

What else does this study demonstrate? ALA is converted to EPA, and that both fatty acids increase in the blood when chia is consumed. So the study confirms earlier findings as to how consuming chia can change blood composition for the good.

Just think what high quality chia could do if consumed regularly?

Have you had your chia today?®

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