Friday, July 6, 2012

Obesity and Chia

A recent study in Australia with obese rats was conducted to assess chia's potential benefit in helping to protect the heart and liver.

Following the first 8 weeks of the trial in which rats were fed a high carbohydrate high fat diet, chia was added at the rate of 5% of the ration. Rat weight and plasma composition was recorded after 8 weeks of chia supplementation.

At the conclusion of the trial ALA, DHA and EPA contents of the plasma significantly increased compared to the control group.  In addition, the rats showed improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, as well as reduced cardio and hepatic inflammation without changes in blood pressure.

The authors concluded that chia as a source of ALA induces lipid redistribution associated with cardioprotection and hepatoprotection.

What does this mean: Chia can provide heart and liver protection, especially when dealing with obesity.

Have you had your chia today? ®

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I like to keep up on the latest chia research. I do believe chia helps with weight loss. I am on a plant-based diet, and I count calories. I took your recommendation (from your newest book), and add 1/4 cup chia daily, in divided doses. At 70 calories per tb., 1/4 cup still fits nicely into my caloric total for the day. But most importantly, chia FILLS ME UP. I believe chia is not only good for our health but has a satiety factor which has not yet been fully explored.

    Thanks for such an informative blog.