Thursday, November 29, 2012

To all our chia friends...............

Dr. Wayne Coates now has two blogs

One is here, the other can be found by clicking the link below.

For all updated information regarding Chia Products, Research and Recipes visit AZChia's Chia Blog.


  1. lifemax was introduced to me aug.2011,and i myself became a user user and really helps me a lot.Me and my partner put up an office in macau and introduced the product in macau and in the philippines but so unlucky march 2,2012 one of your diamond directors, and Former country manager, to whom we purchased mila products before delivered and sold to us FAKE mila sachets that resulted to hospitalization of one of our members and also caused some problems with other users.I am now in manila and filed legal case against this grp. victimizing innocent people. I also send email messages and pictures of FAKE mila sachets to Sherri and Jimwear but until now no action has been done.I have all the evidence ,proofs and documents of FAKE mila sachets .This Group are now Facing large Scale Estafa here in the philippines,But even though they still continue selling Fake Mila Sachets telling the users that their chia comes from Dr.Wayne Coates.Pls .it would be a big help for us users to know the truth .you can check on us about the said product.My phone number is +63-916-777-34-77. They had their Grand Launching of Fake Mila last Feb. 14, 2012 held on the same office of The Lifemax Introduced by ZILLIONAIRE GROUP owned by lifemax country manager levy angeles and ZILLIONLIFE GLOBAL owned by diamond director roland and maricel banquil .

  2. We are selling in the Philippines but our brands are ChiaBia and AZChia only. Our distributor is Sara Reyes . I have no association with this other brand, whatsoever. Please email me directly at if you need more information.