Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dr Oz and chia seeds

Chia lovers and those new to this seed.

Did you see Dr. Oz's show yesterday?

 He was talking about what he considers to be his 5 Miracle Solutions from around the Globe.  Chia seed was number 2! He talked about how chia can help with weight loss by controlling hunger pangs as it tends to give you the feeling of being full.  He had two women that he asked to try chia seeds and both of them said it worked very well for them as they had lessened hunger pangs, and actually wanted to eat less at dinner.

His recipe for success.  Take two tablespoons in the morning in water after breakfast and if you like, take two more later in the day.

One thing he stressed was to buy whole or raw (meaning non processed, milled, cooked, etc) seeds.

I agree totally with the whole seed use, however if you have problems with seeds, such as with diverticulitis, then use the milled form, otherwise stick to whole seeds.

Have you had your chia today?


  1. Thanks! I bought some today and was wondering how much to consume each day to benefit.

  2. As it is a food you can eat as much as you like. However to get all the omega3 you need, eat one or two tablespoons a day.