Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to tell Good from Bad Chia

To our chia friends......

An individual sent me an email to which was attached a photo of chia seed they had purchased from two different vendors.  The question posed to me was what is the difference?  Is one better than the other?

Here is some information and photos

The seed on the left is clearly inferior quality, contains many immature seeds (brown) and even the black seeds are a lighter color which is not normal. The seed on the right is much higher quality. So look at the seed you buy, brown is bad, white(cream) or black are good.

Have you had your chia today? ®



  1. Wow, thanks for those pics. Now I'll know what to look for. I preordered your book from amazon and will receive it on Tuesday. Thanks for educating us about chia. I use it to boost the fiber in my diet. I still can't believe 1 tb. has an amazing 5 grams of fiber. Please keep your chia blog educational.

  2. Dear Dr. Coates: I was happy to write the first review of your book on amazon. You have a winner! Thanks for a great book.